Friday, November 14, 2014

Makin' It Math! Mid-Month Linky -- November

Welcome to November's Makin' It Math! linky! So glad you stopped by!

In the past month, I have put together some math tool bags for the kids to use at home. Tool bags were sent home after talking with parents at parent-teacher conferences in October.


The following information is posted on my classroom website for parents, but it also gives you an overview of math tool bags and how they are used at home.

What are math tool bags?

Math tool bags house various math tools, games, and activities for at-home math practice.

What is in my child's math tool bag?

Various tools/items are housed in your child's bag.  Tools may include, but are not limited to---dice, clear colored counters, place value cubes, a number line, ten frame/number cards, and paper base ten tools. Not all bags contain the same tools/items (based on student need).

What should I know about my child's tool bag?

  • Tool bags are to be kept at home in a safe place.
  • Your child should take pride in caring for his/her tools for extended use. 
  • The tools in the bag are to be used for at-home math work and games.
  • The tools should not be used in any other way (as toys, for other games, etc.)
  • Your child will be able to keep all items in his/her bag at the end of the school year (unless otherwise noted when sent home).
  • Math games sent for home practice should be kept in the math tool bag.
  • Additional items will be sent home at various times of the year and should be added to your child's tool bag.

When should my child use the items, activities, and games in his/her bag?

Your child can use the items in his/her bag for at-home math practice at ANY time.  Activity/game suggestions will be noted periodically on your child's "My Responsibilities" Sheet and materials will be sent home.  Nothing needs to be returned to class as proof of at-home practice.  It is strongly recommended that your child work with his/her bag on a regular basis.


The following items were sent home in everyone's math tool bag.  I have included links to various item--where they can be found and freebie printables.

Additional tools/items were sent home in tool bags depending on need.

Bags were purchased at The Library Store--See size and pricing information here!  2 gallon Ziplock bags would be less expensive and work well, too.

Periodically, I send home games/activities. Any games/activities are used in guided math groups/rotations prior to sending them home.

  • one page math games
  • spinner games
  • place value cube activities
  • dice games
  • card games
  • word problems
  • etc.

I hope you will find some of the items useful.  My kids LOVE these bags--I often hear comments about at-home activities/game play and have received positive comments from parents. :0)

Please feel free to link up your math made-its!

All the best for a wonderful weekend!