Wednesday, December 3, 2014

iHeart Math Holiday HOP!

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We are fortunate to join some wonderful math bloggers for a superb hop you are sure to love!  Each day in December, through the 23rd, you can hop around and snag some excellent holiday tips and gifts.  Don't worry if you are just getting in on the fun--you can hop back to previous blogger posts by clicking on the calendar image above. You can also use the calendar to hop to one blogger after the next as the days unfold, but please note that you will receive an error message until each day arrives. 

HO, HO, HO! Here goes... 

Holiday Tips: Giving Back

Our first tip is about giving back.  Courtney and I teach in what many call the city with the world's largest lighted parade--the Festival of Lights.  Many moons ago, when I started teaching, each classroom of kids made ornaments to display in the Enchanted Forest.  Some years later, the forest disappeared from the festivities, and we weren't sure why.  It had long been a special place for families to walk and enjoy the lights and handmade ornaments crafted by all of the kids in our district.  Courtney and I were sad to see it go but were pleasantly surprised when it was rekindled this year in celebration of 30 years.  Our kids made some fabulous ornaments to contribute to a tradition that was once long-lived in our community and has returned.  While this is a tradition in our community, think about starting a tradition in yours!

Another tip for giving back!  From when I was young, I have fond memories of making holiday decorations for residents in a nursing home.  This year, my class is making 2 x 4 snowmen for some residents in a care center located just across the street from our school.  Even better, we have coordinated a visit so the kids can deliver the decorations, something I was never able to do as a child.  I was truly touched by the thoughtful words my kids shared when they were told of this opportunity to give back to our community and brighten someone's holiday.  We can't wait to make the visit!

Holiday Tip: Keep Moving!

Courtney and I both love activities that get our kids up and moving, and this is great to do during the holidays.  As Courtney says, we need to just "hold on" and get through this busy time of year for EVERYONE.  Our kids are truly motivated by Gallery Walk or Roam the Room type activities, so we will be using a Reindeer Hide & Seek activity again this year.  We like to make things fun, but not with a lack of substance, as some say... Ha!  So please enjoy this little stocking stuffer!

Some Special Gifts for You!

Unwrap these goodies and enjoy this wonderful season with your students! We can't wait to have our kids make Santa Strategy Sacks and play some games with Santa's Elves. Enjoy!

Now, don't forget to stop back tomorrow to visit the next blogger,  Lucy at Kids Math Teacher!

All the best to you and yours this holiday season!