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Welcome to our blog, Guided Math Adventures! So glad you stopped by! We are two second grade teachers sharing our adventures, and our students' successes, in guided math. It is our hope to learn from and inspire fellow educators as they explore, consider, begin, and/or adventure through guided math themselves.  Ultimately, we want others to know how powerful establishing a guided math framework can be and how empowering it is for the mathematicians in our charge. We would love to have you as a follower and fellow adventurer!

Smiles! I am Sarah, and differentiation is at the heart of what I do and has been from the time I began my journey in education.  As I reflect upon the last 20+ years, and the many children I have been privileged to serve, another important thing has remained constant--I learn and grow every day.  As they say, "Some things get better with age." I believe I am one of those 'things.' :0)  I began my journey in college where I switched from a marketing-management major to an education major halfway through my junior year.  (There's another saying, "Some are late bloomers." Ha!)  Around me were the sights and sounds of many education majors doing things that were of much more interest to me. I HAD to do THAT! At any rate, I majored in elementary and special education, and was on my way...  It was many moons ago that I began this journey, but my experiences as a self-contained special education teacher, a literacy coordinator, third grade teacher, fifth grade teacher, and now a second grade teacher have given me much affirmation--I am right where I belong in this wonderful profession.  I love what I do, and my students never cease to amaze me.  I am truly blessed! 

Hello! I'm Courtney. I have been teaching for 13 years and, like Sarah, use differentiation in my own 2nd grade classroom.  Students, as we all know, come to use from varying backgrounds and at various learning levels. Teaching math and reading in a way in which I can meet and talk with children individually or in small groups, have been extremely beneficial in my classroom for my little learners. I have learned that the most powerful teaching tool I have is the one that cost nothing at all, my focus, attention, and care for the learners I meet every year. Teaching is a passion that at times is very trying, but a life choice in which I have the wonderful opportunity to do every day! I count my blessings daily for not only the career I have, but for my husband, 3 amazing girls, and my family and friends.

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