Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Guided Math in Action -- Chapter 9

It's the final chapter of Guided Math in Action---and it's a fabulous one at that!

In the final chapter of Guided Math in Action, Dr. Nicki shares her suggestions for rolling out the first 20 days of math workshop. In those first 20 days it is essential to help students begin to develop the eight mathematical practices that are vital in developing their mathematical proficiency. 

We will not summarize this chapter as specifically as some others---if you haven't already, we recommend you get yourself a copy of Guided Math in Action today!

Dr. Nicki suggest the first week focus on introducing students to the structure of math workshop and discussions surrounding what good mathematicians do.

Good mathematicians...
  • communicate with each other
  • talk about their ideas
  • show their work
  • write

She recommends creating anchor charts that are readily accessible for easy reference in the classroom.

Dr. Nicki suggest the second week focus on exploring routines, rules, and procedures for...
  • calendar
  • participating in number talks and mini-lessons
  • working in math centers
  • working and playing together

The third week brings with it a continued focus on working in math centers and the possible meeting of small guided math groups.

Dr. Nicki stresses the importance of reinforcing the routines associated with...
  • using manipulatives
  • playing games
  • working together

The fourth and final week should focus on what happens during debriefing.  This includes discussions related to...
  • participating in class journal discussions
  • the Mathematician's Chair (the chair where students sit to share their thoughts about math with others)
  • what is going on in the math workshop and what needs to improve 

Pages 128-133 lay out the first 20 days in chart form, and sample anchor charts are shared throughout the chapter.

Question 1
Some things I am preparing/have prepared...
  • sticky note storage sheets for recording observations
  • a simple lesson plan template to meet my needs
  • more hot topic centers
  • take home math tool bags
  • a class journal
  • some new math vocabulary centers
  • revamped calendar activities on SmartBoard
  • the list is growing...

Question 2
Some things I will continue to do...
  • create anchor charts with my students (for rules, procedures, what mathematicians do, etc.)
  • take things one step at a time--slow and deliberate
  • immerse my students in an environment of acceptance

All the best to you as you begin or continue your guided math journey this school year!

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  1. I really like the idea of take home math tool bags. Thinking about what that might look like for my students. I will definitely be using your ideas for sticky notes for observations and possible planning. Thanks for hosting this book study! Have a great school year!

    1. Thanks so much for participating in the book study! I will be preparing math tool bags for home very soon, as we start back this Thursday! :0)


  2. I can't wait to receive my book! I'm so excited about starting guided math in my classroom this year! I can't wait to read about what the other students are doing during guided math time and some books to include in my math block. This is awesome!

  3. Thanks girls for a great book study this summer! I'm excited about implementing what I've learned this year in my math block. :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. You are so welcome! We were glad to have you participate! All the best to you as you begin a new year...