Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dr. Nicki Newton Q & A #2 -- Guided Math in Middle School

At the beginning of August, we finished a wonderful book study of Dr. Nicki Newton's Guided Math in Action.  Over the course of the study, Dr. Nicki contacted us and offered to help in any way she could--SO we asked followers to send us their burning questions.  You can click here to read Dr. Nicki's first Q & A, and today we share her second Q & A.

We received various questions related to using guided math in middle school, so we compiled a few questions to sum them all up and sent them on to Dr. Nicki. Below are her responses.

Have you used guide math with middle school students (6-8), and how might the structure and procedures compare with K-5?

I have used guided math with middle school students.  The framework is the same.  There should be a fluency workstation, a digital workstation, a writing workstation (try using interactive math notebooks --- another notebook resource), and then a workstation that addresses the current unit of study.

How might guided math look in a middle school classroom with a schedule that allows for meeting with students during 40-45 minute blocks daily?  

The flow should be:

  • 5 min. Routines (Number Talks, Number of the Day, Fraction of the Day, Decimal of the Day {alternating these})
  • 10 min. Whole Group Mini Lesson
  • 20 min. Student Activity Period (Guided Math {10 min. each group: 2 groups a day} and Workstations)
  • 5 min. Debrief  

What specific suggestions do you have for using guided math with older students (6th grade and up)?

I think it is really important for middle school students to be working with manipulatives.  They should be using the decimal squares, base ten blocks, decimal wheels, fraction bars, etc.  I will be doing a post on my blog about Tool Kits for upper elementary and middle school in a few days.

Can you recommend some guided math resources for middle school teachers?

Here are a few middle school resources:

Thanks again to Dr. Nicki for taking the time to do two great Q & As with our followers!

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Until next time! All the best for a wonderful weekend!

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