Organization is a MUST with guided math!

We have put a great deal of thought and effort into organizing different aspects of guided math in order for our students and ourselves to be successful.  It is important to remember that whatever organizational systems you establish need to fit you and your students.  In addition, you may choose to organize something in a particular way, and after putting it into action it may not go as well as planned.  Be thoughtful, yet flexible.  It may take some time to get something just the way you want it---and still you may adapt and change to fit the needs of your students.  Our organizational systems have evolved over time and with experience.

With all of this said, the ways in which we organize various aspects of guided math differ, of course. Take a look at how we organize by clicking each of our names below!


  1. Hi.
    Love these ideas. Where did you get your drawers? How big are they? Are they up on a table? Thanks.

    1. Thanks much! Glad you stopped by. I got my drawers from Office Max. I am actually going there today, so I can take a pic of the label and dimensions of the drawers for you. They are wonderful! I used a utility knife to cut off the little tabs that keep the drawers from coming out. They come with wheels, but I put them on a ledge in my room instead of using the wheels. These are great if you have limited space, which we do. :0) I will post a pic tonight so you can see the dimensions. Thanks again for stopping by!